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Special Edition 20th Brooch, 2018

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Special Edition 20th Brooch, 2018

Nina Oberg Humphries Brooch_1.JPG
Nina Oberg Humphries Brooch.JPG
Nina Oberg Humphries Brooch_1.JPG
Nina Oberg Humphries Brooch.JPG

Special Edition 20th Brooch, 2018


Nina Oberg Humphries 

SCAPE 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Brooch

25mm diameter

Artist's Statement

As a young child, SCAPE was my first introduction to international art. Relationships developed for me with SCAPE artworks as points of references and wayfinders in the city. As a contributing artist ('ARE PASIFIKA as part of SCAPE Public Art Season 2017) I was delighted to be asked to contribute to the 20th Anniversary Editions with my brooch.

The two Frigatebirds pictured are seabirds found across all tropical oceans, they migrate each year through the Pacific often reaching New Zealand. Every year SCAPE brings artists and artworks to fill city streets, walls, parks and public spaces. Then they leave and new artworks return with each Season. Exotic Bird of Paradise flowers draw the eye, originating in lands far away and travelling through the Pacific. The flower, thick skinned and elegant represents the many moments of wonder, spaces of contemplation, objects that have connected us through the 20 years of SCAPE in a city where our foundations have been rattled and our futures are wide open.



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