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Part of a Whole, 2014

Part Of A Whole (2014) By Nina Oberg Humphries shop.jpg
Part Of A Whole (2014) By Nina Oberg Humphries shop.jpg

Part of a Whole, 2014


Nina Oberg Humphries 
Part of a Whole 2014
Edition 2 of 40
560mm x 400mm
Photographic paper, unframed

Through the use of traditional Polynesian art forms such as Tivaevae, costume and dance, combined with elements of popular culture, Nina seeks to convey issues of identity and social politics. Christchurch born and bred, she studied towards a BFA in Sculpture at Ilam School of Fine Arts, Christchurch, and Massey University, Wellington from 2010- 2015. Her work explores her dual Cook Islands and Pākehā heritage, with an exhibition history including Contemporary Christchurch, at CoCA, Christchurch, Influx, St Paul Street Gallery, Auckland and Drownded World, Enjoy Gallery, Wellington.

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