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Bridie Gillman

Before the leaves turn

Winter Exhibition at Studio 125 Gallery, 2019


BGILLMAN Studio Portrait May 2019.jpg

Artist Statement

My multidisciplinary practice spans painting, photography, sculpture and video. Drawing from my childhood spent in Indonesia, ideas of place - our experience and memories of a place - underpin my work.

Painting has become a meditative act of recalling my experiences of a place through abstract response. Formless abstract shapes reflect the inconstancy of memory: an emotional reaction rather than a representation of place.

Every year I visit Wanaka to spend time with my family, usually it’s early in the new year. This year it was a little later, the beginning of Autumn, when the landscape was on the precipice of preparing for winter.

By looking closer, spending time, and making works like in Before the leaves turn, I am hoping to slowly nurture a deeper connection to the places I visit.

Bridie Gillman

I watch the birds circle outside through the gap in the curtains

what colour is the sky, what colour are the mountains

always changing

cloud is never far away

There’s a pocket of sun across the lake

deep, green

a space between landforms

bordered by golden grassed mounds

like oceans of blonde hair

billowing in the wind