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Education Activities

SCAPE Public Art would like to invite all teachers and students to get involved in the

SCAPE Public Art Season 2019 5 October - 16 November

Extended Education Season 2019 until 6 December

We are offering a free Education Programme based around SCAPE's permanent and temporary artworks for the Season, situated in the central city. There are a number of options available for group bookings, and we are happy to talk to anyone interested if they would like to tailor the activities to suit their group. Options include (but are not limited to): 

Guided Tours

Seung Yul Oh Conduct Cumulus Activity_5.jpg

Enjoy a short guided tour plus a follow-up activity, or take a self-directed or guided tour of the permanent and temporary artworks.

Conduct Cumulus activities

Conduct Cumulus School Holiday Programme 2018.JPG

Take part in an art activity based on Conduct Cumulus by Seung Yul Oh, modelling in 3 dimensions, or painting.

Bubble Painting Activity

Check out how to make a cool bubble painting, connected to the artwork Conduct Cumulus by Seung Yul Oh in this instructional video!

STAY Activity


Explore the work of Antony Gormley STAY and take part in an art activity on site based on the artwork

Loop activity

Check out this cool video of the Loop activity based on the artwork by Judy Millar Call me Snake.

For all education enquiries please email or phone 03 365 7994