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Scape_2012_ Langford_27.jpg

SCAPE 6 - The High Country

by Joanna Langford

The High Country was an aerial utopian city installation that appeared to be floating above its urban surroundings

This fanciful work utilises existing found and recycled materials to create an image of lush pastures surrounding an illuminated model city. Contrasting with the new urban environment of Christchurch, as epitomised by gap sites and vacant lots, Langford's work provides a whimsical visionary environment.

Known for the spontaneity of her work and attention to materials, Langford creates her seemingly ethereal structures from often overlooked items that emphasise her re-purposing of them.  By taking advantage of some of the 320,000 kilometres (nearly eight times the circumference of the Earth) of plastic silage wrap disposed of every year, the artist has created a fantastical environment through an adept transformation of the materials. 

Image & video credits:

The High Country, Joanna Langford, 2011

© SCAPE Public Art & Joanna Langford

Joanna Langford

Joanna Langford graduated from the University of Canterbury in 2004 with a Master of Fine Arts (Painting). She received the 2006 Olivia Spencer Bower Fellow award and was the 2010 Frances Hodgkins Fellow, University of Otago.  The artist has exhibited her work in numerous exhibitions. Solo exhibitions of Langford’s work include The Landless, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, 2009; The Beautiful and the Damned, Michael Hirschfeld Gallery, Wellington City Gallery, Wellington, 2008; Twilight Falls, Open window Series, Govett-Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth, 2008, and The Wanderers, Michael Lett Gallery, Auckland, 2005. Her work has also been featuring in solo exhibitions The Beautiful and the Damned, 2009, The Quietening, 2007 and Jitterbug, 2005 all at the Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch. Like many of the SCAPE 2011 artists, Langford’s artwork utilises recycled or reused materials as a key thread of her process.

By taking advantage of the 320,000 kilometres (close to eight times the circumference of the Earth) of plastic silage film that is disposed of every year, the artist creates light and almost utopian fantasy environments through an adept transformation of the materials. She is committed to using existing found or recycled materials, emphasising the lightness with which her work touches or impacts upon the physical environment in the most practical of ways - allowing the viewer to engage with her imaginative view.