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Studio 125 Gallery

S125G front 2.jpg

Studio 125 Gallery is a contemporary art gallery supporting public art in the city. The exhibition inside links to sculptures, paintings, photographs, ceramics and limited editions by artists associated with SCAPE.

SCAPE Public Art's 20th anniversary year has begun with a new collection of limited editions shown for the first time at Studio 125 Gallery. The pop-up contemporary art gallery, located in Merivale at 125 Aikmans Rd, will remain open until Thursday 28 April 2018. Opening hours are Thursday & Friday 11am - 5pm, Saturday 10am - 4pm (or by appointment). Everyone is Welcome! 

20th anniversary limited edition artworks from; Neil Dawson, Seung Yul Oh, Phil Price, Sarah Greig and Nina Oberg Humphries plus an impressive collection of exhibiting artists contributing to 20 years of world-class SCAPE Public Art in Christchurch are on show.

Neil Dawson's creation SCAPEXX 2018 holds a hidden surprise. Stenography (from the Greek steganos, or "covered," and graphie, or "writing") is the hiding of a secret message within an ordinary message and the extraction of it at its destination.

Nina Oberg Humphries has created a SCAPE 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Brooch. The two Frigatebirds pictured in the brooch are seabirds found across all tropical oceans, they migrate each year through the Pacific often reaching New Zealand. Every year SCAPE brings artists and artworks to fill city streets, walls, parks and public spaces. Then they leave and new artworks return with each Season. Exotic Bird of Paradise flowers draw the eye, originating in lands far away and travelling through the Pacific. The flower, thick skinned and elegant represents the many moments of wonder, spaces of contemplation, objects that have connected us through the 20 years of SCAPE in a city where our foundations have been rattled and our futures are wide open.

There is also a new sculpture by Seung Yul Oh Ode Pou 2018 in which the artist's "moments of balance and counterpoint", are manifest in the contrasting scale and complementary forms of its subjects.

Exhibiting the work of 22 artists, Celebrating 20 Years includes new paintings by Philip Trusttum, jewellery by Jennie Sherwin and a commissioned anniversary sculpture by Neil Dawson. SCAPE Public Art: Celebrating 20 Years is open until April 28.