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Abstract Figure

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Abstract Figure

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Abstract Figure


In an inventive art practice that navigates the realms of visual art, philosophy, politics, language and science, New Zealand-born artist Gill Gatfield explores human relations and the nature of being. 

Across three connected bodies of work (Frames, Monochromes and Texts) her intention unfolds: “ convey much, in the manner of less”. From singular media and minimal forms emerge layers of intriguing narrative and a rich sensory experience. Gatfield’s abstract artworks expand, contract, warm, cool, reflect, and absorb.

Abstract Figure: Gill Gatfield introduces the artist’s conceptual-abstract practice and is illustrated with artworks from her series of permanent live grass painting, freestanding float glass letters, woven disposable diaper walls, ancient kauri texts, and granite monuments.

The Book describes key concepts which underpin this formal/fluid approach: the liminal, the political, the abstract figure, and the public eye. Gatfield’s idea of ‘Abstract Figure’ translates into artworks that are challenging, contemplative, sensual, personal and universal.

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