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Liston, 2016

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Liston, 2016

David McCracken, Plain View, 2016 little pete web.jpg
David McCracken, Plain View, 2016 little pete web.jpg

Liston, 2016


David McCracken                                              
800mm x 350mm x 360mm
Stainless steel painted.

The sculptures in Plain View are based on early aircraft-delivered bombs, eg the tallboy and grandslam designed by Barnes Wallis. These specific shapes formed a cartoonish shorthand for ‘bomb’ for a time in the 20th century. These reinterpretations in stainless steel bring to mind children’s inflatable toys, but challenge us not to forget their gruesome purpose. Plain View operates within a lineage from Pop Art onwards where stylised, high-key colour objects mined from our material culture lure and provoke. 

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