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The Trust

The SCAPE Public Art Trust was launched in 1998 to provide a meeting ground for industry, public funders and contemporary visual artists, and to be a catalyst for contemporary public art in Christchurch city. 
The SCAPE Public Art Trust governs SCAPE Public Art.

The SCAPE Public Art Trust was established in 1998 to assist with the successful management and development of SCAPE Public Art. 

Philosophically, the Trust is striving for artworks to occupy the intersections between the global and the local, without disempowering the local or diminishing the art, which needs to speak persuasively about new possibilities for a transaction between art and society.

To realise the Trust’s vision, the presentation and promotion of SCAPE Public Art is required to operate on two levels:

1) as a ‘laboratory’ where site-specific works and socially engaged public art practice is realised within the socio-political fabric of Christchurch city, and

2) as a player networked into the art market over time, with events and artworks generated by SCAPE Public Art becoming a visitor destinations for art lovers.