Pauline Rhodes, Thank you Eva, 1979, Artist's Co-op, Wellington_ photo courtesy of the artist

Pauline Rhodes

Pauline Rhodes lives and works in Christchurch. She studied at Canterbury University School of Fine Arts, graduating in Sculpture in 1974; and is highly regarded as one of New Zealand’s most senior and leading site-specific installation artists. Exhibitions include Cones of Possibilities and Impossibilities (2014) and King Tides Rising (2008) at The Physics Room, Christchurch; Fluid Connections (2009), Jonathan Smart Gallery, Christchurch, and New Twists (2008), Bowen Galleries, Wellington. Pauline has contributed works to the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail in 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2012; and to Sculpture on the Gulf, Waiheke Island, in 2007 and 2009. Pauline also participated in the first edition of SCAPE Public Art Christchurch Biennial in 2000 with her work, Ziggurat.

‘In the project ordinary industrial components will be used in the work. They are intended to articulate ideas of movement, flow and relocation in the urban environment. At the end of the project the components will be returned to their manufacturers for reuse.’

— Pauline Rhodes