Nathan Pohio Raise the anchor, unfurl the sails, set course to the centre of an ever setting sun!  2015


The SCAPE Public Art Trust was launched in 1998 to assist with the successful management and development of SCAPE Public Art.

The Trust provides a meeting ground for industry, public funders and contemporary visual artists, governing SCAPE Public Art and acting as a catalyst for contemporary public art in Ōtautahi Christchurch.

Since then we have seen 16 permanent artworks pop up around the City, and more than 10 Seasons delivering new public art in Waitaha Canterbury and Aotearoa New Zealand.

We actively promote a programme of artists representing diverse cultural identity from throughout Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally; promoting and delivering public art. We have achieved recognition of an annual programme of events and associated activities as iconic events with excellent engagement, thereby increasing cultural tourism.

Each year, we work towards and achieve a genuine and equal partnership between art and industry/business to achieve our programme.

Key attributes in supporting SCAPE Public Art include:

  • Ability to build your business’s reputation/brand through association with this high-profile public art event, portraying innovation and excellence.
  • Enhancing community links by attracting, involving and engaging the local community. 53% of the population (1.9m people) agree that buying products or services from a company that supports a charity or worthy cause helps them to feel they are making a difference to society or the environment.
  • A high-profile involvement helps to build, within the business and wider community, an understanding and appreciation of the corporate role in the arts.
  • Opportunities to build relationships with other supporting businesses.
  • Images and associations that are distinct from competitor’s
  • Positive stories and/or measurements about what the support has achieved
  • 26% of businesses believe that supporting charities improves staff moral and/or productivity.


Resilience Training by Olivia Webb for SCAPE Public Art Season 2021. Mixed Feelings by Tony Cragg for SCAPE Public Art Season 2018

SCAPE promotes opportunities for all community sectors and helps to make the visual arts accessible – including the specific targeting of non-traditional arts audiences. Large scale projects which challenge, educate, provoke and create debate make us aware of our significant city spaces and how we might interpret and enjoy them.

The majority of New Zealanders agree that the arts help define who we are as New Zealanders (80%) and that the arts contribute positively to the economy (73%). They agree that their community would be poorer without the arts (69%) and support public funding of the arts (76%). *Creative New Zealand.

We have four different levels of sponsorship, each with their own exciting packages.

  • Platinum: $50K +
  • Gold: $11-$30K
  • Silver: $6-$10K
  • Bronze: $5K

Please get in touch, with Laura Forbes, lauraf@scapepublicart.org.nz if you would like to find out more about getting involved with SCAPE Public Art.

Have a look at SCAPE Season 2021 artists & artworks, public programme and all our generous supporters who made it all possible.