Square Triangle aka Sunbeam

Square Triangle aka Sunbeam by George Lewis for SCAPE Public Art Season 2016 – Re:ACTIVATE Kids

The original concept sketch for Sunbeam, proposed by George Lewis, was to somehow build a sculpture 2 metres wide and 2m tall. The colourful creation would glow in the dark. George built a scale model of how his sculpture would look. When this was seen by an engineer in his family they explored together the process through which a full scale sculpture could happen. This could have been constructed with a welded 25-millimetre aluminium box section, or laser cut out of a piece of 5mm steel plate. A UV black light could have been used to make it glow in the dark. Alternatively it could have been suspended with rigging between two of the high level containers… George stipulated it would be painted yellow, blue and orange and set about seeking sponsorship for the paint and construction.

SCAPE Public Art agreed to include the sculpture installation within Re:START mall as a new addition to Re:ACTIVATE, the SCAPE Public Art Development programme for emerging artists. RE:ACTIVATE Kids for 2017 and 2018 was open to artists under 18 years of age aspiring to produce work. Kids designs were selected by SCAPE and sponsored by Lewis Bradford Consulting Engineers.

As a strong supporter of the arts and community projects Lewis Bradford sponsored the construction of Sunbeam. They have committed to ongoing support of young people like George to realise their sculptural dreams through the programme; Re:ACTIVATE Kids.