Unfolded Secrets

As one of our Re:ACTIVATE Aspiring Artists, 11-year old Annabelle Britt’s Unfolded Secrets was created as part of SCAPE Public Art Season 2020 

IMAGE: Annabelle Britt Unfolded Secrets 2020. Image courtesy of Annabelle Britt and SCAPE Public Art. 


11-year old Annabel Britt from Selwyn House School is one of two winners from the 2020 Junior category of Re:ACTIVATE Aspiring Artists. Unfolded Secrets is designed as a large-scale work reaching human scale, consisting of two parts; a golden key, and newspaper articles.  

Britt intended this work to be made up of waterproof newspaper, with the key looking like metal. Within this design, Annabelle is clearly connecting the overarching season themes of Fictions, Secrets and Lies, with each aspect and shape connecting in different ways, whilst holding specific interlocking meanings.