Audrey Baldwin Merge

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Crossing boundaries between the object and the erotic; identity, power and control are questioned in Audrey’s performance-based practice. Since graduating from Ilam School of Fine Arts in 2010, she has presented in galleries and at festivals around New Zealand as well as in Zimbabwe, Japan and India. Audrey also wears curation and arts event management hats, breaking down metaphorical barriers in and around Christchurch.

Merge is part of a series of playful yet confronting commentaries on the uniquely Christchurch experience of navigating streets and people in limbo. Beautifully photographed to reflect the light, her use of the cone as a dunce cap and a witch’s hat, and the contrast of her curves with the gravel and potholes is thought-provoking and symbolic of so much in post-earthquake Christchurch.

Audrey describes the works as “Contemporary portraits of our city. A space in transition, in process: in flux. The ubiquitous road cone is transformed – but not entirely. I’m casting myself as both shaman and fool. I am both and neither. It’s hard to tell whether I’m coming or going – much like the roadworks sites the photos were shot in.”

Edition of 5.