Sione Monū ‘Ao Kakala Ōtautahi 2021

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Sione Monū is an artist of the Tongan diaspora. They live between Canberra Australia and Auckland and work across the mediums of photography, moving-image, fashion and adornment, performance and drawing exploring identity, family and Pasifika queer experience in the diaspora.

These flower designs in the form of clouds are made by Monū “in the manner of a lady,” Monū draws on a female tradition: nimamea‘a tuikakala, the fine art of flower design. Growing up, Monū didn’t have a chance to learn this because it’s taught to girls in their culture. The New York Times, recently featured Monū and other artists from around the globe discussing this new generation of artists, making work that honours their cultures’ beliefs on their own terms.

‘Ao Kakala Ōtautahi, 2021
Extra large  cloud
2100mm tall x 1800mm wide