Mirror Blooms, 2016

$150 NZD$350 NZD

Judy Darragh
Heat moulded from Perspex mirror board
The work is available for sale as individual blooms, clusters, groups of blooms, POA for the entire wall collection based on the following per unit price.

Mirror Blooms is a continuation of the artist’s Laser Blooms series – moulded from perspex mirror board and spread asteroid-like across the wall.   This highly reflective material references the thin membranes used in the manufacturing of space vehicles and also pays homage to Andy Warhol, the contemporary icon of image, and his floating silver balloons in The Factory.  Judy Darragh is a prolific New Zealand artist renowned for her brightly coloured sculptural assemblages of found objects, recycled items, industrial materials, collage, photography, video, and poster art. Emerging as an artist during the 80’s era of conspicuous consumption, Darragh’s work displayed a fondness for everyday objects and played with our views of material consumerism. Kitsch and a strong association with localised nostalgia are at the essence of Darragh’s work.

Her assemblages appear as structurally makeshift piles of ‘materials’, incorporating elements ranging from bottles, glassware and plastic to corks, feathers, tikis, beads, paint, flowers, paua and cake tins. It is, however, the process of making these large assemblages that is as important as the observation itself. She makes new from the old and provides objects with a fresh significance or value.

Darragh is widely exhibited in New Zealand. Her works are held in various major collections including Auckland City Art Gallery and Govett Brewster in New Plymouth. In 2004 the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa featured a major retrospective of her work curated by Natasha Conland and entitled Judy Darragh: So … you made it?

A writer, speaker and long-time teacher, the artist lives in Auckland.

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