Ash Keating Gardensity 2011. Image courtesy of the artist and SCAPE Public Art.


Gardensity by Ash Keating for SCAPE 6

First designed prior to the initial 4 September 2010 Canterbury earthquake, Gardensity was envisioned as a fictional property development to house new condensed, sustainable living located in Cathedral Square.

Ash Keating’s delivery of Gardensity as part of the 6th SCAPE could not have been more apt or timely for Christchurch.

Keating enabled us to experience this vision through an architectural animation, site-specific installation and an internet presence that took on heightened importance as a location for public dialogue regarding the future, post-earthquake redevelopment of Christchurch.

Designed by Ash Keating in collaboration with Dorian Farr, Patrick Gavin, Chris Toovey and David Campbell.